Update (27th Jan 2013): Darkstrap v0.9.0 released. Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap v2.2.2.

I'm still ironing out some cross-browser issues (but it's still better than the original darkstrap.css).

It's also when I decided to start versioning it at v0.9.0. I'd like v1.0 to be a solid release across browsers.

I'm also unsure of some decision decisions which I'd like to stabilize for v1.0.

A couple days ago, Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton released Twitter Bootstrap 2.0, the latest version of their popular html/css/js toolkit. It's nice and clean... and very white.

I'm working on a project that demands a darker theme, so I made darkstrap.css that turns the lights out on Bootstrap vanilla. Just include it after the Bootstrap stylesheet so it can cascade over the lighter theme.

<link href='stylesheets/darkstrap.css' rel='stylesheet' />

Simple as.

Check it out

Comparison of Bootstrap and Darkstrap colors

Legacy Darkstrap

I preserved the original darkstrap.css if anybody needs it for whatever reason.